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Climate change and EU security: an innovative approach

Throughout the last decades, the threats that climate change poses to the future of our planet gained the forefront in international debates. The European Union aspires to become the most prominent actor in the global fight against them and, as stated in the Global Strategy introduced by the Union in 2016, Brussels aims to lead by example by implementing its commitments on sustainable development and climate actions”.

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The Aachen Treaty and its implications for the future of Europe The treaty signed on January 22nd envisage close Franco-German cooperation, but it also reveals a new approach towards the EU

The relationship between France and Germany is one of the elements that affected European history the most, both in negative and positive terms. Indeed, when these countries were archenemies, Europe lived its darkest moments with the two World Wars, including these tensions among their primary causes, while their peaceful cooperation marked an era of prosperity culminated with the creation of the EU, which is often depicted as guided by the Franco-German engine.

The Aachen Treaty signed in January perfectly fit in the latter dimension, but what does it contain? And which are the possible implications for the future of the Old Continent? Continua a leggere