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Power transition in Kazakhstan: what will it bring?

On 9 June Kazakhstan has elected the new president. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who was acting president after Nursultan Nazarbayev’s retirement, won the elections, having become the new leader of Kazakhstan. Tokayev gained almost 71% of the vote, having left the rivals far behind. Tokayev isn’t a new person in Kazakhstan establishment: he served as Foreign affairs minister for more than 10 years and hold the position of prime minister for 3 years. Last 6 years he was the Chairman of Senate of Kazakhstan, having left this position after long-serving president Nazarbayev’s retirement and Tokayev’s succession to the presidential post.

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European elections 2019: what are Kremlin’s plans?

The whole international community is waiting for the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections Taking place on 23-26 of May, the elections are expected to be rather complicated for the participants, as far as the traditional balance of political powers is challenged by internal problems and contradictions. However, apart from the internal factors which can affect the results of the future elections, there are external players that also have their own particular interests to promote.

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